Groopies - Welcome To My Jungleee

by Groopies

kkpka 01:30
oimsama (free) 03:44
scooky pppi 03:00
unibrow 02:00


Groopies - “Welcome to my Jungleee”

Self described as “hella A.D.D. girls”, Kyoka and Nobuko collided with producer Christopher Willits in Japan to form a bizzare noise band lacking no shortage in stimulation. Groopies brings a psychedelic presence that enamors, even at its most dissonant, transmuting attraction and repulsion- laying sound bombs while laughing. After this sonic rollercoaster ride you are invited to admire the intricate candy colored vomit.

Groopies began in 2005 when Nobuko introduced her music, images and animations to Christopher Willits after his performance in Osaka, Japan. One year later while Willits was on tour again Nobuko invited her friend Kyoka to come hang out with them and make some noise. Unfettered creative chaos ensued. While at another Willits show in Tokyo in 2006 a confused bystander was curious about Kyoka and Nobuko and asked Christopher “are those girls your groupies!?” No, they were not his groupies, but soon after they became Groopies.

In the last 4 years Groopies have collaborated with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Mike Watt (Stooges, Minutemen) CurseOvDialect (Mush Records), and Hypo (Active Suspension, Spymania, Afterhours, Intik).
Countless gigabytes of Groopies material have been created, “Welcome to my Jungleee” being a snapshop of a few randomly selected pieces from the pile. The sounds come together to form a jangled mesh of collages that go anywhere, at anytime. This is the tip of the Groopies.


released November 9, 2010



about San Francisco, California

Music from our circle of friends, mixed at Overlap Studio, a mixing and mastering facility in Oakland, CA. Operated by Christopher Willits, Ryan Kleeman, and Alingo Loh, the A/V studio features top-tier analog summing and outboard mastering gear for stereo, immersive audio, and video production. ... more

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